Sunday, October 17, 2010


If you have the patience, check the full video. Great!

Ow and here are some additional thoughts I had on this video and especially the marketing side of it: off course, it is a marketing video for a clothing brand. So, some people might think 'there goes another one of those over-marketed lifestyle brands, hyping their products on the internet via some fancy vids'.

I  don't agree on this.

If there is a way to do marketing...this is the way. They are giving world class atlethes the change to live their dreams, and Peak actually really pushes the envelope to make a wonderful video out of it, every time.

For instance: the deep-powder part of the video (starts on 6.00 min) contains great shots in terms of timing and composition, especially in combination with the sound (Yup, great!).

You can actually forget that it's about the clothing and just enjoy the video. Therefor, it crosses the boundary of being purely an advertisement.

That's what I think is actually great marketing.

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