Saturday, August 14, 2010


My new favorite car: The Citroen Mehari

I have known this car for a very long time, but just now I start to really appreciate the oddness of this car.

It makes me smile!

Citroen has always been the company that came up with really unconventional cars, in both form and function. They incorporated adoptive suspension, adoptive steering and adoptive lighting as one of the first car-compagnies, they invented a new form of gear wheel the 'double chevron' and they designed all time classic characters like the DS, CX, SM and HY.

The Mehari is an act of courage and at the same time it is a humbling car. It's extreme simple, light, small en has got less power than a large mower. It has a polyester shell, a mass of 570kg, 29 horsepower, a top-speed of 121 km/h and a canvas soft-top.

Seems ideal for a trip around the world.

Credits: Citroen

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