Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Some great footwear and luggage by Yuketen. A classic american brand, specialized in "traditional artifacts from the rugged and refined American past".

The rucksack is pretty nice, and some items in the footwear collection are just great. 

For instance: the multi-colored yacht shoes, shown above. You might think their goes another boat shoe, but look again and look at the weird coloring scheme, orange combined with red and blue. Because the colors aren't really bright, they look very calm and down-to-earth. To me, they are in big contrast with all the bright pastel colored boat shoes that you see a lot these days. A shoe with  these colors will probably age nicely, and get that real rugged look and feel. 

Credits: Yuketen

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  1. Sorry,do you know the name of above orange rucksack??