Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hand build race bike called 'Oliva' from Italy. Wooden rims, leather brooks saddle, leather foot-straps, leather straps around the handlebars. Beautiful color scheme.

Credits: Biascagne-cicli

And take a look at the wonderful Brooks website here.


  1. Hi, thank you very much for dedicating a post to this bike we built. :-) We appreciate!
    Come and check the new one, "Ash & Bordeaux"
    Nice site you have, by the way!

    Biascagne Cicli

  2. Hi, It's a very beautiful bike! Thanks for the compliments on the blog. I have just checked out the new bicycle...very hot indeed! Keep up the good work. I will regularly check your website!



    PS. I think I'll send this comment to your site.. because I'm not sure u'll read it here.